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Look close to see who else posts comments !!


                                      or this



After hatching at least a dozen eggs and finding nothing but tickbirds and rotten yolk, I finally got my Green Proto-Drake !!!    pictures to follow


The new tier-8 / 8.5 chest piece is a   TUNIC  

8.5 here

I have to have this   : D

Cross posted from my journal

So for any of you who know, I love creating a back story for my warcraft toons. My main, Ordoniezgirl the dranei ret paladin, is about to have some work done in the form of some fic writing. And of course that will start with her givenname: Ordoniezgaerleschze... Noone can pronouce her name with the exception of her dranei brethren, so of course it has been shortened to 'Ordoniezgirl' or for closer aquaintences, simply 'Ordo'

so for those of you aquainted.. how did we meet? I need a little backstory on you as well... I have an idea of xin and calani already and I can incorporate my own toons of course, but you guys who care about your own backstories may wanna give me some detail before I make something up ~_^

PATCH 3.1 !!!!!!

Looks like we are getting it guys, patch 3.1 and all the goodies that come with it.

    From the sound of it i believe Ordo will change our weekly naxx to Ulduar. Here is a link to a little preview of the battles we'll find inside.


 For a short brief on the bosses click this link, also some ideas for a new legendary weapon for the next expansion. ; D


If any one finds a detailed or "how to" on this instance link it up, until then we will probly use my favorite strategy

Wing It And Wipe Wipe WIPE AGAIN !!

Whist's Storyboard

Hey everyone!

I would love it if you all came and took a look at my Story Blog and let me know what you think of my writing! I'll never get better if I dont have any test subjects!


Lucky 13

Ok so here I am. Not happy about slipping to number 13 in the guild, but maybe its a lucky number.

For those of us going to Maly...

I think we may all know the fight now, but I found this amusing little guide in another warcraft community I am in ;) Study up and maybe we will learn something from it, maybe not :p

Naxx pics finally!!

I collected them from people..thanks Redd, Junius, Checker, Elt... :)

Naxxramas!!Collapse )